A powerful solar flare caused radio communications interruptions

(ORDO NEWS) — Flares very often occur on the Sun and such a phenomenon is considered the norm. Such flares cause the plasma flow to be ejected. Just a few days ago, due to an incredibly powerful flare, a wave of charged particles flew to the Earth, which would provoke technical problems.

When particles enter the atmosphere, additional ionization occurs. This can cause radio communication problems. So, if you experienced any issues recently then you don’t need to start looking for the best swr for ham radio or replacement parts because there’s nothing wrong with your radio system, it was just the flares. NASA has posted a photo showing an incredibly strong solar flare. Scientists called it a “plasma bomb”.

The plasma plume, which arose as a result of the explosion on the Sun, had a length of about 250 thousand kilometers. The experts added that the ultraviolet pulse very quickly reached our planet and for some time the upper atmosphere was ionized. As a result, shortwave radio was turned off in New Zealand, the South Pacific and eastern Australia. Experts warned that many more outbreaks of this magnitude could happen soon. Some of them may be even more powerful than this one.

Occasionally, flares of incredible strength can occur on the Sun. Because of this, the technology on our planet is under threat, because it can stop working at any time. If a powerful solar storm happens, then it can provoke a shutdown not only of radio communications, but also of electricity, the Internet and, of course, television. Such failures, as a rule, are short-term and soon the equipment begins to work normally. But if the solar storm is too strong, then its effects are only going to be of a temporary nature. And if that has caused appliance damage or malfunction, you need not always have to discard your handheld radio units. On the contrary, these are precisely those times that answer the question, “Why You Need Handheld Radio Repair For Your Radios“. Walkie-talkies and radio units can malfunction due to a number of reasons (solar flares included) and an experienced repair team might just be able to fix them.

In conclusion, solar flares, no matter how scary, can cause some amount of technological damage to the Earth, although usually for a short time. It is a natural occurence that might we might not have control over, but we do manage to have control over the damages it can cause.


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