Experts warn pharmaceutical companies are not ready for the Nipah virus pandemic

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(ORDO NEWS) — In 2019, starting from China, the coronavirus pandemic spread at an incredible speed around the world. Today, due to mutations, new strains continue to appear.

Health professionals worry that if another dangerous Nipah virus outbreak occurs, it could lead to a terrible global disaster.

Some time ago, the Access to Medicine Foundation, which is based in the Netherlands, published a report. It points out that the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have focused all their efforts on the fight against coronavirus, so they are completely unprepared for a new disease.

The Nipah virus is an infectious disease with an incredibly high mortality rate. The director of the foundation Jayasree K. Iyer spoke about this. In addition, the virus is quite resistant to most modern drugs and it will be very difficult to defeat it.

Thai virologist Supaporna Vacharapluesadi said that the death rate from the virus can reach an average of 40-75%, depending on which country it will spread to.


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