Experts say next flu season may be too bad

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists said that the resulting break from seasonal illnesses, including the flu, could result in serious problems, reports The Atlantic.

In connection with the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, the spread of a variety of respiratory diseases has been minimized. Experts believe that in the future, outbreaks of influenza can become more severe and may occur at the most inopportune moments.

It should be noted that not only the number of cases of influenza has decreased, but also the number of other respiratory diseases. Because of such a break, people may become more defenseless in front of them, because they will not develop immunity after an illness. In addition, completely new strains of infections and viruses may arise, which will lead to the most unexpected consequences.

Svetlana Bansal said that people’s susceptibility to new pathologies is gradually increasing. For example, over time, children will practically not come into contact with those viruses that have appeared only recently, and adults, in turn, will lose immunity to older diseases.

Rachel Baker added that lack of immunity or a weakened immune system is the real fuel for seasonal outbreaks. And the more people with weak immunity, the worse the consequences will be.


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