After COVID-19, a woman cannot stand many odors, including the smell of her own husband

(ORDO NEWS) — Claire Freer contracted the coronavirus last March. After that, her life became a real nightmare.

During the illness, the woman completely lost her sense of smell. After it came back again, the situation worsened even more. Most of all smells now remind Claire of a wet dog and expired perfume. This even applies to water and food. All a woman can eat is cereals and cheese sandwiches.

But everything would still be relatively bearable, but Claire cannot even stand the smell of her own husband and other relatives. Family gatherings every time for her is an incredibly difficult test. A woman is afraid to even go out on the street so as not to hear another unpleasant smell.

Claire lost her job in September and is now trying to find a new job. The thought that she will have to be near a huge number of strangers, to hear their smell, frighten the woman.

Experts are currently at a dead end and cannot do anything to solve this problem. MRIs of the brain and sinuses were performed, but the procedure showed no abnormalities.


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