Something strange and frightening is happening in the Pacific

(ORDO NEWS) — Something very strange is happening in the Loyotte Islands. These islands are located in the Pacific Ocean and are part of the administrative district of New Caledonia.

Over the past few hours, experts have recorded a whole swarm of aftershocks that began to occur some time after the main earthquake, the strength of which reached 7.9 points. The jerks not only do not become weaker, but the gap between them is also reduced, and the strength exceeds 5 points, some of it reaches 6.4 points.

It is worth noting that the two strong tremors occurred far from the epicenter of activity, which is located near the Fiji Islands. This may indicate that the anomaly is gradually increasing.

Nobody canceled the warning about a strong tsunami. It can happen at any time, because tremors are recorded in the place where the collision of the Pacific plate and the Australian plate occurs. The most threatened by the tsunami was Lord Howe Island, which is located near the mainland of Australia.

At the moment, experts said that hot rocks are rising from a depth of over 600 kilometers under the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Where this will lead is still difficult to say. It remains only to observe the development of events and wait for an official comment from experts.


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