A letter thrown into the sea 60 years ago was pulled out of a bottle in Britain

(ORDO NEWS) — One day, friends were walking along the beach in East Sussex, when they suddenly noticed a bottle floating in the sea. Without hesitation, Indian Tucker and Luke Gamberini pulled her out.

As it turned out, the letter was put in a bottle 60 years ago. The author hoped that it would go to America. From the note, it was found out that the message was thrown from the pier in Blackpool in 1961. Bobby Dosung sent the bottle sailing.

On a piece of paper, the author turns to the Yankees and asks how they are doing. He thanks them for their help in the war. Bobby dreamed of visiting America at least once, putting on a Stetson hat and riding a horse. Apparently it didn’t work out.

The ink has turned pale in more than half a century, but the text is real to read. Friends who have found the letter are now trying to find its author. Unfortunately, no information is available yet. The letter was dropped 60 years ago, so any outcome of Bobby Dosung’s life should not be ruled out.


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