Experts have told what will happen to Bitcoin in 2023

(ORDO NEWS) — The emergence of cryptocurrency literally turned the world upside down. This was even more influenced by Bitcoin, the most popular crypto.

From year to year there are discussions: is it worth buying a “bitok”? There is a huge amount of predictions and advice on the Internet and among online publications. What will happen to this crypto in 2023?

More and more analysts are beginning to say that Bitcoin predictions are a thankless business. Last year alone, its price fell by almost 60%.

The new year 2023 did not start very well for crypto-businessmen. The cryptocurrency market lost $1.3 trillion at once for several reasons:

  • FTX declared itself bankrupt.
  • Interest rates have increased.

The set of negative factors, as it were, says: “now is not the best time to invest in crypto.” But until now, there are experts who say that bitcoin will grow, you need to buy it today.

For example, Tim Draper, a billionaire venture capitalist, claims that Bitcoin will grow in price to $250,000. The man is sure that this is not the limit, and the crypt will become more expensive by 1400%.

The billionaire says that the crypto market has now sunk to its real bottom, that there is nowhere to go. Now only up, grow and become more expensive.

At the same time, the forecasters of Standart Chartered assure that the fate of the bat is tragic. Most likely, it will fall in price further to 5 thousand dollars.

Therefore, it is better to wait with investments now, and save assets. Crypto exchanges are now facing a new problem insufficient liquidity is causing investors to lose confidence in cryptocurrency.

In general, forecasts are 50/50, it is impossible to understand exactly how things will go. Currently, the current value of bitcoin is 16 thousand 835 dollars. USA.


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