Every 20 years: Bill Gates gives a disappointing prognosis for pandemics

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, the true outbreak of the virus is not unique. This will happen approximately every 20 years, so now the government needs to learn the right lessons and create the necessary reserve funds.

Coronavirus has become the most serious event in society. Bill Gates fears that the pandemic will lead to even greater social stratification, as children from poor families do not have the opportunity to engage in online. Regular outbreaks will pay for mobility and blurring borders between states.

The economy would not be in such a deplorable state if world leaders were prepared for a pandemic. However, everyone has this first experience, which is why trillions of dollars go to fight the virus.

Countries will return to normal life no earlier than 2021, says Bill Gates. Learning will resume around September, quarantine measures will be completely lifted only after mass vaccination. Until this time, it is better to refrain from any contact with strangers.


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