The calf is not so red: the interpreters have debunked the doomsday prophecies

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Orthodox believers April 16 – Clean Thursday. Believers prepare for Easter, but this year services in the churches will be held without believers: the coronavirus pandemic requires people to stay at home.

Moreover, on the eve of this significant Christian holiday, social media and a number of media are increasingly recalling the biblical prophecies of the “doomsday”, which came true one by one.

Thus, for the first time in 2000, a red calf was born in Israel in Israel. Historians who have studied the books of the prophet Daniel and Isaiah consider this to be one of the forerunners of the Apocalypse.

In addition, it was previously reported that a living fish suddenly appeared in the Dead Sea, which was also predicted by the prophet Ezekiel as a sign of the end of the world.

Third prophecy: a snake crawling out of the Wailing Wall interrupted prayer, as witnessed by hundreds of believers. At the same time, she tried to catch a dove, and the prophecies say that the end of the world is near if the dove can no longer find refuge on the Temple Mount.

People also remember the events of the recent past, which many consider alarming signs: a year ago Notre Dame caught fire in Holy Week , a fire broke out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, several lightning strikes struck the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

Should these events be regarded as signs of the coming Apocalypse? In “Live”, the head of the Middle East Bureau of VGTRK Sergey Pashkov, who got in touch with the studio from Israel, reassured the audience.

He says that a closer look turned out to be not as red as Thor requires, since it has white specks and black hairs on it, and photographs of fish in the Dead Sea turned out to be fake.

As for the story of the dove, it should rather be regarded as a call for peace among people.

From the good news: the blessed fire will nevertheless be delivered to Moscow , to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, but with all the precautions as required by the situation with the coronavirus.

Unless, of course, he still descends in the absence of those who believe in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

This is what Sergey Pashkov says, people are really worried.

So is it worth taking such events seriously as the prophecies of the approaching “end of the world”? Why in the capital, despite the quarantine, baths continue to work, and some believers still go there according to the traditions of Clean Thursday?

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