Mother after death told her son in a dream why she was reborn into a chicken

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Ji Yun, who is a well-known Chinese writer, wrote in one of his books a rather interesting story about how a woman was reborn as a chicken.

An old woman with the surname Shen said that Zhao San lived with her mother in her village. They worked as a servant in one of the wealthy families. About a year after the death of the mother, the man had a very strange dream. He heard the voice of his mother, who said that tomorrow there would be a blizzard.

Because of this, a chicken will freeze near the wall. As a reward, the owner will give this chicken, but you can not eat it. The woman said that when she stole money from the owner and therefore in the afterlife she was ordered to be reborn as a chicken in order to repay this debt. She allegedly laid a sufficient number of eggs and therefore it is time for a woman in the form of a chicken to leave this world.

Zhao San was very surprised, because the next day everything happened exactly as his mother told him in a dream. He did not eat the chicken, but mourned and buried it. The villagers were surprised by this act and as a result, the man spoke about what happened to him.

Ji Yun wrote in his book that everything that a person has in his life is the result of his actions in past lives. Those who were bad people will pay for their actions. But people do not know about it and not everyone believes that rebirth in another person or in an animal is real.


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