Elon Musk announced the date of the first landing of people on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Elon Musk believes humans will set foot on Mars for the first time before the end of this decade. The businessman wrote about this on his Twitter.

The founder of SpaceX answered the question of when humanity will land on Mars. He even named the exact year, but it is unlikely to happen so soon.

Musk founded SpaceX 20 years ago with the goal of building a reusable rocket system to reduce the cost of launches and increase the availability of space.

Thanks to his main Falcon 9 rocket, which currently carries astronauts to the International Space Station and launches satellites, Musk has been able to achieve a lot in this area and gained worldwide fame. But the ultimate goal of the entrepreneur, and he did not hide it, was to send humanity to Mars and establish a colony there.

When can people set foot on the surface of Mars?

The head of SpaceX tweeted his prediction on Wednesday in response to a post asking when the first humans would be able to set foot on Mars.

“2029,” Musk replied. Such accuracy can amaze, but let’s face it: Musk is not a prophet, and his plans do not always come true. 7 years to prepare for the launch of a manned spacecraft to the Red Planet is, in general, an adequate period if SpaceX operates in startup mode 24/7 and all conditions favor the company.

However, it is worth considering that at the moment, due to rising inflation and the looming global crisis, materials for SpaceX rockets have become very expensive.

An increase in the Fed’s key rate could slow down capital raising for the company, which in turn will delay the process of developing and sending new SpaceX missions.

Note that the Super Heavy launch vehicle with the Starship spacecraft, if approved by the regulators, will be able to take to the air in the coming months. The future of SpaceX and the possibility of conquering Mars by 2029 will depend on how these tests pass.


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