Easter Island idols may have been installed recently

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1886, a large group of scientists visited Easter Island. They lived there for three years, researched everything, recorded in detail, made maps.

The results of their work were published in 1891. Moai statues – those same stone heads protruding from the ground – received almost no interest from scientists.

Of course, they described in detail all 5 statues, sketched them. For example, a blank for a statue in a quarry is sketched.

Only thing is. that now there are 887 statues on the island. Modern scholars say they were created between 1250 and 1500.

Then who, after 1889, after the departure of scientists from the island, created statues, except for those 5, and why do modern scientists put the age of new statues not in 1 century, but in several?

Easter Island idols may have been installed recently 2

Moreover, the statues that already existed were moved after the departure of the scientists. Compare the sketch of scientists from that expedition and a modern photograph of one of the statues. She is turned.

Modern scientists cannot even answer the question of how the “ancient savages” moved hundreds of statues around the island. So maybe the savages didn’t move and didn’t create these hundreds of replicas?

Interestingly, supporters of the version that savages have erected hundreds of statues for centuries contradict themselves.

Researchers of the statues say that they were made according to the same principle for centuries. This speaks of the cultural and technological continuity that has been preserved on the island.

But this contradicts the theory of the same scientists that supposedly the civilization of the island was overtaken by a sudden collapse.


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