Huge stone statues 3,000 years old found by archaeologists in Sardinia

(ORDO NEWS) — The structures that the researchers discovered belong to the era of the Nuraghe, an ancient people who inhabited this area even before it became part of the Roman Empire, from the 18th to the 8th century BC.

Such finds were first made back in 1975, and it was initially assumed that the authors of the sculptures were residents of Carthage. Further research has shown that this is not the case, they are much older.

Over the years of excavations, archaeologists have discovered about twenty statues depicting warriors: archers and fighters.

They were all found in the necropolis, in connection with this, experts believe that the statues had a religious significance, perhaps they were supposed to protect the peace of the buried.

Or maybe they were just original monuments to those people who found peace in this burial place, and depicted them during their lifetime, in the prime of their lives.

Nuraghi culture began to decline due to the conquest of their territory by other peoples. These were mainly Phoenician tribes, who, in the end, captured the island.

Perhaps this explains another circumstance: the statues of Monte Prama were all destroyed, and most likely deliberately.

Or the Nuraghi themselves did it so that the statues, so important for their culture, did not go to the enemies.


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