Earth will enter the “Apocalypse meteor swarm” in 2032

(ORDO NEWS) — Our solar system is a dangerous place, and this month the Earth moved a little closer to one of the most dangerous places – the “Taurid meteor swarm”.

It is theoretically a vast cloud of debris and possibly large objects left over from the breakup of a massive comet, which is thought to have caused catastrophic collisions in the past.

Earth will pass directly through the meteor swarm in November 2032.

The Earth passes relatively close (at a distance of about 30,000,000 km from its center) to the Taurid swarm twice a year.

These events trigger the Beta Taurids meteor shower from June 5 to July 18, followed by the North and South Taurids meteor showers in late October.

These events do not yet pose a danger, but the proximity of the Earth to the epicenter of the stream is of critical importance, since, according to forecasts, our planet will pass directly through the “Taurid swarm” in November 2032.

There is reason to believe that we should be ready for something serious…

For you to understand what is at stake – the Earth will go right through the meteor shower, which quite possibly caused Noah’s flood and wiped out North America and Europe.

Earth will enter the Apocalypse meteor swarm in 2032 1
Stony Tunguska. 1908 The place of the explosion of the “celestial body”

What is a “swarm of Taurid”?

Comet remnants. As the Earth revolves around the Sun, its orbital path often passes through the dust and debris left behind by comets, with particles no larger than a grain of sand rushing into the Earth’s atmosphere and burning up as “shooting stars”.

They are mostly harmless, but the Taurids are an exceptionally large cloud of debris, probably comet 2P/Encke, which scientists believe could be the cause of a 1,000-year catastrophic event on Earth.

The Taurid-giant comet hypothesis suggests that the giant comet broke apart in the inner solar system, giving rise to dust and small near-Earth objects (NEOs), including 2P/Encke and other asteroids still present today.

Observational evidence includes increased shooting star activity in the form of “fireballs” as the Earth approaches the “Taurid swarm” and increased impact on the Moon.

Why is the Taurid swarm special?

Astronomers usually worry about two things: extraterrestrial objects and comets, but the Taurid swarm represents a third threat. It is believed that it was he who caused the famous “Tunguska event”, when on June 30, 1908, 2000 square kilometers of the Siberian forest were leveled to the ground … by something.

Astronomers have since calculated that the Earth was then passing through a swarm of the Taurids. It may also be responsible for the 1000 year freeze of the Earth (Ice Age) in 11,000 BC. and for the Tagish Lake meteorite that fell in the Yukon Territory of Canada in January 2000.

Earth will enter the Apocalypse meteor swarm in 2032 2
An illustration of the passage of the Earth through the core of the Taurid meteor swarm

Astronomers from the Western Meteor Physics Group are trying to look at the “epicenter” of the Taurid swarm with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope at the University of Hawaii.

Using the results of computer simulations, the astronomers calculated two optimal viewing times and telescope alignments for the Taurid swarm in order to correctly study its overall danger potential.

They are looking for massive objects that could cause problems for the Earth in 2032.

“The space community showed great interest after we shared our findings at the recent Planetary Defense Conference in Washington, DC,” says David Clark, graduate student and first author of the study.

“There is strong evidence supporting the existence of the Taurid swarm and its potential catastrophic risks to Earth and our civilization.”

Earth will enter the Apocalypse meteor swarm in 2032 3

Hypothetical conclusions and assumptions

“Lord, what did you think? That everyone would climb on board and sing Kumbai? Sit down and fasten your seat belt!”

You know… I like to look for logic in all events, but the latest events around the world do not fit into logical chains. I think you do not need to explain what kind of events in question.

It seems that the whole world has gone crazy with its Covids, the blocking of billions of people in cities, houses and apartments, complete disregard for civil liberties, violation of all trade routes that have developed over decades.

The movement of resources necessary for the normal existence of countries and their citizens, the fight against ” global warming”, which takes on forms that are completely insane in their recklessness, the destruction of all the foundations for the coexistence of the countries of the world that make up the very concept of human civilization.

Let’s speculate – hypothetically and conduct such a thought experiment to find answers, what is supposedly happening, and what is supposedly the reason for all that is happening?

All this is not logical. Either the world is just crazy, or the powers that be know that in just 10 years the world that we know now will not be.

There is a struggle for those places on the world map that after the “meteorite Apocalypse” will remain suitable for life, and where it will be possible to support the beginning of the development of a new humanity. It will be essentially “Noah’s Ark” from which Human civilization will be reborn.

When events in the world resemble “Ward No. 6” and there is no logic in them, one must look for the reason and who benefits from all this. In 2032 the world will change dramatically.

We are waiting for various versions of the “Apocalypse”, including the global flood, the instantaneous immersion of the planet in a new Ice Age, the complete disappearance from the world map of entire continents, such as North America and Europe.

As one movie said:

“We had to keep under the hood

everyone who knew about it.

Otherwise it would not be possible to save

you are all a secret.

You killed everyone

tried to speak?

Everyone who tried to speak

were not only enemies

our country. But all


The director of the Louvre was the enemy


After calling

press conference, yes!

Lord, what did you think?

That everyone will climb on board,

and they will sing Kumbai?”

Earth will enter the Apocalypse meteor swarm in 2032 4

Obviously, not everyone will climb on board the “new Ark”, just as in that very film, the powers that be and the mighty of this world will climb on it.

And for sure there are already calculations of what will happen approximately, which areas of the globe are the most “tidbits” of the new world after the End of the World, and the struggle is going on for them.

Underground vaults are being built, the arks in which the elite hope to survive the Apocalypse and they absolutely do not care what will happen to those who could not get on board.


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