During the pandemic, 10 people on the planet got rich, and 99% lost their income

(ORDO NEWS) — Oxfam analysts have published a new report on income inequality.

They found that the ten richest people in the world have doubled their wealth due to the pandemic, while the incomes of 99% of the world’s population have fallen.

The wealth of the ten richest people in the world is reported to have risen from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion during the first two years of the pandemic.

At the same time, due to the pandemic, the incomes of 99% of humanity have fallen, and more than 160 million people have fallen below the poverty line.

As the researchers explained, if the ten richest people lose 99.999% of their wealth tomorrow, they will still be richer than 99% of the people on this planet.

The authors of the report calculated that a one-time 99 percent tax on the pandemic windfall of the wealthy could cover the production of enough vaccines for people around the world.

Oxfam suggested that billionaires benefited from rising stock prices during the pandemic.


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