Can hackers team up with organized crime groups

(ORDO NEWS) — Aleksey Malnev, Head of the Center for Monitoring and Response to Information Security Incidents Jet CSIRT of Jet Infosystems, told journalists whether the global hacker community and organized criminal groups (OCGs) can unite.

According to him, the trend towards unification may emerge in the near future. This can be facilitated by the difficulties that hackers experience with the withdrawal and legalization of income. OCGs can help cybercriminals with this.

For organized crime groups themselves, cyberspace is a new field of activity. The expert believes that all criminal finances will gradually move there.

“And joining forces will provide new opportunities for the implementation of complex and risky social engineering schemes,” says Malnev.

Who will benefit more from such an alliance is unclear. The specialist suggested that in the long run, it is hackers who will absorb traditional crime.


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