Does one apple a day help to get sick less often: study results

(ORDO NEWS) — Much is known about the benefits of apples. But what happens if you eat one fruit every day? Will this improve health?

BBC Science Focus Magazine expert Luis Villason notes that apples are a source of flavonoids (preventing cancer), fiber, vitamins and minerals.

A 2015 study also showed that people who eat at least one apple a day are less likely to take medication and visit the doctor. 8,000 American adults participated in this study.

Does one apple a day help to get sick less often study results 2

However, the difference between those who eat apples and those who don’t eat them at all disappeared after the scientists adjusted the profiles of the participants.

It turns out that what the study actually showed was that healthy people tend to eat more apples.

In addition, the expert adds, to maintain health, it is necessary to adhere to diversity in food.


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