Doctors named a new symptom of the coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — The loss of taste and smell due to coronavirus has been replaced by a new symptom.

Now a person infected with a dangerous virus can retain the perception of tastes and aromas, but the disease has not become easier.

Now muscle pain appeared in the list of symptoms.

Myalgia – severe pain in the muscles has become the main symptom that manifests itself in people infected with the coronavirus.

Muscle pain appears in the first days of Covid. Doctors note that patients complain of terrible pain in their arms and legs. It feels similar to what people feel after active physical exertion in the gym.

Today, the most dominant coronavirus in the world is Omicron BA.5. The Omicron variant of the coronavirus appeared in 2021, and then people also complained of muscle pain en masse.

It seems that only a year later the scenario is repeating itself. Only now patients are suffering from a mutated version of Omicron.

Angelica Coetzee, a doctor from South Africa, was the first to notice this eerie coincidence. It was she who pointed out the fact that myalgia again became the main symptom of the coronavirus in the early stages.

The special application Zoe Covid Study, which was developed to track the symptoms of a viral infection, also indicates that muscle pain is the most common symptom in infected people today.

Myalgia can manifest as acute (sharp pain) or short-term pain in the muscles. It occurs due to the influence of inflammatory molecules released by the immune system in response to a virus in the body.

It occurs more often in unvaccinated patients than in those who have received all the necessary vaccinations against the coronavirus.

Painkillers help in such a situation very poorly. All that remains for a person is to endure until full recovery.


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