A message scratched on a stone was found in Central Asia

(ORDO NEWS) — A shepherd from Tajikistan completely accidentally discovered a unique message on a stone.

A block with an inscription in ancient Greek was found after an avalanche in the northern part of the gorge, located near the tributary of the Almosi River.

The shepherd’s name is Sangin Haitali. The man says that he saw many more inscriptions in the gorge, but scientists were able to identify only 1 tablet with a quote.

A snow avalanche brought down many stones from the mountain in Khoja Mafraj. Herdsmen graze their cattle there, but rarely attach importance to the stones. They are more focused on keeping the herd safe.

Haitali says that he saw the inscriptions quite by accident. They were scratched on stones. At first glance, you wouldn’t understand that these are some quotes.

A stone with a strange message lay right at the foot of the cliff. The shepherd told the local administration about the wonderful find.

A group of experts went to the site and identified only 1 artifact. A phrase in ancient Greek was scratched on the stone, and it translates as “this is the King of kings, Vima Taktu”.

Vima Taktu is the second ruler of the Kushan kingdom. Historians call him the “nameless king”.

The fact is that during his reign, bronze coins were issued with the image of the ruler, but without mentioning his name. Instead, the money had the inscription: “King of kings, Great Savior.”

It was possible to establish his name only in 1993, when the Rabatak inscription was discovered.

The king’s empire was quite large and occupied the lands of North-West India, Bactria and reached the Chinese border in the 80s and 90s of our era.

The kingdom of Vima Taktu was called Kushan. In the era of antiquity, it was one of the strongest states in the territory of Central Asia.


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