Discovered in South Africa artifact can completely change the history of mankind

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists began to study a very important artifact that was discovered in South Africa back in the 60s of the last century. His age is approximately 60 thousand years. As a result, experts decided that this was an old arrowhead, which was smeared with dangerous poison.

The artifact was discovered in the caves of the Klasies River. It was extracted from a rock layer whose age exceeds 60 thousand years. Visually, it resembles arrowheads that were used by hunters who lived in South Africa in the 18-20 centuries.

The artifact was discovered a long time ago, but until today no one could even imagine how important it plays a role. The reason for this is that his age was initially incorrectly determined. During the last study, specialists took a combined approach and studied the artifact in several different ways, which made it possible to establish a more accurate date.

Also, experts discovered an organic substance that was distributed over the surface of the bone and resembled poison. Using chemical analysis, it was possible to establish that this substance consists of a variety of ingredients of organic origin.

This discovery indicates that the inhabitants of South Africa more than 60 thousand years ago learned to combine different components for the manufacture of certain compounds.

This suggests that they could “think outside the box.” Also, the discovery was evidence that it was in Africa that they first began to use arrows for hunting and this happened 30 thousand years earlier than scientists expected. This suggests that ancient people could switch from one thought to another and develop certain ideas, and then translate them into reality.


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