Pandemics happen every hundred years a global conspiracy or coincidence?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As experts have noted since the 14th century, every 20 years there is a worldwide outbreak of a dangerous disease. What are these pandemics really and how scientists explain it.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected absolutely all countries. The authorities are trying to come up with new rules in order to reduce the spread of the disease, but not everyone succeeds. At the same time, historians are engaged in research and they managed to discover some interesting regularity. Starting from the 14th century, every 20 year of the new century begins to rage some dangerous disease.

In 1320 there was the strongest outbreak of the plague. The spread of the disease began in China and has affected absolutely all countries. Then almost half of the population of Europe died. The pandemic lasted for 30 years and nothing could stop it.

In 1420 , a new disease began to spread in Tsarist Russia and soon moved to other countries. It was described as a cruel pestilence. Different descriptions can be found in historical records, so historians are confident that pulmonary and bubonic plague spread immediately. Then a huge number of people died and the pandemic did not stop for 8 years, taking only minor breaks.

In 1520 , smallpox raged in Europe. It most likely began to spread in Asian countries. The pandemic lasted 100 years and almost every person in Europe managed to get this terrible disease. In the same period, the colonization of America took place, and therefore smallpox in the end result was brought there. Since the Indians had absolutely no immunity to smallpox, they died in the thousands.

In 1620 , an outbreak of plague was recorded in North Africa.

In 1720 , bubonic plague began to spread in Europe, which in two years claimed the lives of more than 100 thousand people.

In 1820 , an outbreak of cholera occurred. The pandemic caused the death of a huge number of people, it quickly spread throughout the world. The disease could not be defeated for 7 years.

1920 became the time of the Spanish Woman. In just 2 years, more than 100 million people died.

Such coincidences are frightening, but most experts believe that “world evil” will not arrange terrible pandemics on a certain schedule. In addition to these pandemics, there were outbreaks of other diseases that occurred at different times. But recalls the statements of various scientists who argue that nature is cyclical and there is a time when the risk of an outbreak is much higher.


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