Former US Colonel tells the world the truth about the UFO crash in Roswell

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In 1997, the book of the former colonel was published, which remains popular to this day and which has generated a huge number of different conspiracy theories. Particular attention in this book was paid to the topic of aliens.

The book is titled The Day After Roswell. She immediately became popular among ufologists, as well as those people who believe in conspiracy theory. The book was written by former Colonel Philip James Corso, who had been in military service for more than 20 years. He claims to be in charge of the department that studied UFOs that fell in the Roswell area.

The colonel added that those important technical discoveries that were made in the next few years after studying UFOs in 1947 were the result of what experts discovered inside an alien ship. They studied night vision devices, optical fiber, computer chips, and much more, which was later created by humanity as a result.

In the book, Corso touched on a huge number of conspiracy theories. Some ufologists even considered the book partly an invention or an exaggeration. An interesting fact was that the colonel himself died very suddenly as a result of a heart attack a couple of months after his book was published. Conspirologists believe that he was killed because he told too much secret information that was not intended for strangers.

The Colonel had no mental health problems and was not a fanatic. He has repeatedly stated that the government is hiding the real truth about UFOs. In the book, Corso also described in detail the “alien bodies” found among the wreckage of the spacecraft. He believed that these “Grays” were actually not aliens, but biorobots created on other planets. In the book, the colonel added that no one had seen the real aliens.

People only encountered biomachines that had huge heads and black eyes. To confirm his version, Corso additionally described what he saw when opening the bodies, inside which there was no digestive system and they were electronically connected with the elements that control the ship.


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