Diary of a man who visited 3906

(ORDO NEWS) — Usually, introductions try to present the essence of the book by highlighting the most important elements of the story you are about to read. This is not done in my introduction. Rather, I will tell you the story of how this unique text came to be and its journey from the 1920s to the present day.

This is a book containing the diary of a man who never wanted his words to be known to the world. It describes an experience he never shared for fear of ridicule and disbelief.

As you work your way through his very personal memories, the reason for the secrecy will soon become clear – the author claimed to have lived in the future and returned to his original era, 20th century Central Europe, to record a detailed account describing what exactly happened in the time of his journey.

The real heroes of this amazing, true story are two people: Paul Amadeus Dinach, an author and a man who claimed to have lived in the future, and George Papachatzis, a student of Dinach who studied German, to whom he left his notes – the diary that I keep in today hands.

After the first acquaintance, let’s begin to unravel their story step by step.

Diary of a man who visited 3906 2

Paul Amadeus Dienach was a Swiss-Austrian teacher in fragile health. His father was a German-speaking Swiss and his mother was an Austrian from Salzburg. Denakh went to Greece in the autumn of 1922, emerging from a year-long coma caused by a serious illness, hoping that the mild climate would improve his condition.

During his stay in Greece, Dienach gave French and German lessons in order to secure a minimum income. Among his students was George Papahatzis, whom Denach valued more than others. Papahatzis describes his teacher as “a very careful and very modest person who emphasized details”.

Denach, as we learn from Papachatzis, was born in the suburbs of Zurich and spent his youth in a village not far from that large Swiss city.

Later he entered the humanities with a strong focus on cultural history and classical philology. It is believed that he eventually died of tuberculosis in Athens, Greece, or on his way back to his homeland via Italy, probably in the first quarter of 1924.

Before his death, Paul Dinakh entrusted Papahatzis with a part of his life and soul – his diary. Without telling Papachatzis what the notes were, he left him a simple instruction: use these documents to improve his German by translating them from German into Greek.

Papahatzis complied with his request. At first he thought Denach had written a novel, but as he progressed with the translation, he soon realized that the notes were actually his diary… from the future!

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At this point, we need to clarify something fundamentally important. It is believed that Dienach suffered from encephalitis lethargica, a strange neurological disease in which the immune system develops a reaction to overloaded neurons.

The first time, Dienakh fell into a lethargic sleep for 15 minutes. The second time – for a whole year. During that year, while Dienach was in a coma in a Geneva hospital, he claimed to have entered the body of another man, Andreas Northam, who lived in 3906 AD.

After coming out of the coma, Dienakh did not tell anyone about his amazing experience, because he thought that he would be considered crazy. However, he wrote down everything he could remember about what he saw in the future.

Toward the end of his life, he even stopped his teaching activity in order to have as much time as possible to write down everything that he could remember.

Denach describes everything he experienced about the environment and people of 3906 AD, in accordance with the mentality and limited knowledge of a 20th century person.

This task was not easy for Dienach. He claims that he did not understand many things in what he saw, was not familiar with all the terms, technologies and the evolutionary path that they went through.

In his memoirs, he claims that the people of the future fully understood his special medical situation, which they called “conscious slip”, and they told Dienach as many things as they could, in connection with historical events that occurred between the 21st and 39th centuries.

The only thing they didn’t tell him was the exact history of the 20th century, in case Dienach’s consciousness returned back to his original body and age (as he did) – they felt it would be dangerous to tell him his immediate future and the future of his era, if it disturbed or changed the course of history and his life.

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As you read page after page of Dienach’s unique personal narrative, you will be able to decipher what he claims to have seen regarding humanity, our planet, and our evolution. Many may wonder – what happened to the diary during all this time, from the distant 1926 until today, almost a century later?

George Papahatzis gradually translated Denach’s notes – with his not very perfect German – over a period of 14 years (from 1926 to 1940), mostly in his spare time and during his summer holidays. World War II and the Greek Civil War delayed his efforts to spread the amazing story that had been on his desk all these years.

On Christmas Eve 1944, Papahatzis was visiting friends at a house that was also occupied by the Greek army. When the soldiers saw Denach’s notes, which, of course, were in German, they confiscated them because they considered them suspicious.

They told Papahatsis that they would return them only after they had examined their contents. So they didn’t return it. But by that time, Papahatsis had already completed the translation.

George Papachatzis tried to find information about Dienach by visiting Zurich twelve times from 1952 to 1966. He could not find a single trace of him, no relatives, no neighbors, no friends.

Denach, who is believed to have fought the Germans during World War I, probably never gave his real name in Greece, the country that fought against the Germans.

After the end of World War II and the Greek Civil War, Papahatsis gave the translated diary to some of his friends Masons, Theosophists, professors of theology, and two anti-Nazi Germans.

When everyone understood what had fallen into their hands, the diary was kept in a close philosophical circle and in the Tectonic lodge, of which he was a member.

The Freemasons took the book very seriously, not wanting the information to spread to a wider circle. They considered the book almost holy, containing wisdom about the future of mankind, and best kept for the few only.

Finally, after much controversy, George Papahatsis decided to publish Dienach’s diary. It was during this period that Greece entered the most difficult phase of its seven-year dictatorship in 1972.

A strong protest from certain church circles, who considered the book heretical, and the fall of the dictatorship a year later, doomed the first edition to oblivion. No one cared about the future when the present was so tense and violent.

All of these factors, along with Dienach’s difficult language and rough writing style, which mixed elements of his past along with his experiences of the future, made the diary even more difficult to understand. Only a few had the time, patience and knowledge to decipher the secret knowledge encrypted on almost 1,000 pages.

Another edition followed in 1979 in Greece. However, the book disappeared again, and was no longer remembered, except for those few who knew of its existence. After such silence, Papahatzis died, and his family did not want to continue his work.

Diary of a man who visited 3906 5

Twenty-two years passed before the diary was taken up again by Rhadamantis Anastasakis, a high-ranking member of the Masonic lodge in Greece, who decided to publish the book in a small edition, exactly as it had been written before.

It was then that I first discovered this book and began to “restore” it, without the sentimentality that prevented Papahatzis from doing anything more than an accurate translation of his teacher’s “sacred” writings.

Nearly a century after the original was written, this was a challenge that needed to be solved in order for a 21st century reader to really understand what a 20th century person meant to say.

And I did this without changing anything of the content, but filtering out the non-essential notes relating to Dienach’s early life and emphasizing his experience of the future, but in simpler language and without the gaps that were in Dienach’s story.

I tried to keep the true essence of his story. This is my debt to Dienach, whose chronicle of the future has completely changed my outlook on life. Nothing more, nothing less.

My sole purpose was to make it available to all of you, because if Dienach’s experience was indeed real, this book contains revolutionary information – something that the Freemasons have clearly recognized – and has the potential to radically change your view of the world and humanity.

Now that you know the background to this unique story, I’ll just put the future in your hands by quoting from the introduction to the 1979 edition of the book, written by George Papachatzis, a man who knew Dienach personally:

“A translator of the original texts who knew Dienach personally believes that the inspiration and writing of these texts was not an imaginary creation of Dienach based on his education and insightful abilities. This is a real phenomenon of parapsychology, which was associated with his life.

Perhaps he added something of his own, perhaps he did not see and did not live all the events that he describes and represents so vividly.

What is certain is that most of the main elements of his lyrics are genuine experiences he had; he lived ahead of time a part of the future that was to come, and a metaphysical phenomenon of incredible clarity occurred to him – a phenomenon of parapsychology that rarely happens with such intensity and rudeness.

Thanks to him, what will happen on Earth, from the last decades of the 20th century to 3906 AD, is now known to us, at least

I must say that Papahatzis, being a student at the time of receiving Dienach’s diary, became a very respected man of his era.

He was vice-president of the European Movement (National Council of Greece), founding member of the Greek Philosophical Society, professor of philosophy and culture. He risked a lot by publishing Dienach’s work, and this in itself reflects his unshakable belief in its authenticity.

Introduction: Achilles Sirygos

I am just starting to read this diary, but I already have the impression that this person did not visit our future, but most likely he was transferred to some kind of alternative reality from which ours is very, very far away. The world he entered is too different to simply be our future.

“We are passing by, not time. We human beings with a short-lived biological destiny come and go. The dimension of depth eludes us.

Our sense organs have a very limited range. They form only subjective impressions, completely unrelated to the true and objective “Great Reality”, this is what the “sage” from the future told him.

But when I read the description of this world, I see that although it seems beautiful, it only seems to be. If this is our future, then it is rather the future of bees in a hive, and not a society of individuals with rights and awareness of their “I”.

“In the beginning, when I talked about luck, I was just joking. It’s not luck; this institution. You see us now living in comfort, but all of us, men and women, have gone through this. Every person you have met and everyone you will meet in the future, including Sylvia, Aria and Hilda, have been “partners” between the ages of seventeen and nineteen.

After completing their basic education at school, they went out and earned their living. They have worked in construction, food, furniture and clothing, public transportation, cookware, cars, everything you see around you and everything you can imagine.

And if their life is easy now, it is because they have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly for two years, and it has taken a lot of effort.

Thus, neither did we burden our parents financially, neither our children will burden us. Before our “service” we had the previous generation working for us, we did the same thing in our time, and now it’s the turn of the youngest generation to work for everyone”

“Did you say “typical way of modern life”? Well, for most, this is now the most common way of life. Just life, surrounded by the beauties of nature, carefree, cheerful, among friendly faces and our loved ones…

This is life without ambition and the slightest desire for posthumous glory, without the need to do great things.

To give our leaders the Ilectors and Lorphs their great palaces from the bottom of their hearts without any secret desires; to live freely and, above all, free from all kinds of projects that will, gradually and imperceptibly for you, enslave you for life; stay away from any contact with the institutions of our time, although few of them may be; to see how your life flows in darkness among the treasures of the heart and nature, happy in its anonymity, and from time to time be distracted by reading, or in the pleasure of being a sensitive admirer of the fine arts; it’s a way of modern life”

As for some main stages predicted in this diary, we can distinguish the following:

2025 Natural resources will be redistributed and private ownership will be abolished.

2030 year. Humanity will learn to control spiritual energy. Everyone will become a telepath and will be able to send and receive messages with the power of thought.

2050 year. A new type of energy will be discovered – “spatial energy”, in connection with which the use of natural resources will cease.

Today, specialists from various fields, from futurology to quantum physics, are working on the diaries of Paul Dinakh, trying to unravel the “mysteries of Dinakh’s memoirs.”

What is hidden behind the terms “eterodynamics”, “spatial energy”, “spiritual energy”, “underground Sun”, “underground atmosphere” and many others?

Experts are looking for the slightest clues that will help translate these poetic images into formulas and scientific terms.

More details about upcoming events as described in the diary:


Humanity is beginning to tackle the problems of overpopulation, ecological destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, hunger, tyranny and regional conflicts. Discoveries are made in the field of interaction of electromagnetic energies, gravity, spiritual energy (Etherdynamics) and anti-gravity.

Solve the secret of solar radiation.

More and more people are using “etheric vision” as some parapsychologists do today.
Economic systems are becoming more humane, wiser and based on good will.

People are freed from the bondage of financial survival by giving themselves more time for inner work and spiritual development. The monetary system is dying. Child mortality is becoming a rarity. Fossil fuels are being replaced by sustainable energy.

Our carnivorous tendencies disappear, we become vegetarians.
Mars was colonized in 2204. The number of colonizers is 20 million people. But everything was destroyed in 2265 by massive natural disasters. The goal of future colonization of Mars was then abandoned.


World War broke out in 2309. Large-scale destruction. Humanity has survived. Established a world government in 2396 to prevent such disasters in the future.

Directly elected leaders from all nations, mostly scientists, engineers, humanitarians and… no longer politicians or businessmen.

The balance of power is maintained in a working alliance between the private sector (e.g., multinational corporations), national governments, and world government.

Banks and stock exchanges have died out, replaced by a kind of “vote money” (probably an electronic measure of the real value of products, resources, and energy).

There is still private property, but the world’s resources have been redistributed in such a way that everyone is provided with a basic, equal, healthy standard of living.

Contact has been established and relations with extraterrestrial civilizations are developing. The public is informed about everything!

Conflicts between large groups are rare, and large-scale warfare is a thing of the past.


People have acquired planetary consciousness.
Movement in space occurs through spiritual (etheric) energy sources and flying disks.


While equality in basic necessities has been achieved, there are still some disparities in technological progress from region to region.

More and more people are becoming telepaths. Science is making huge strides.
The bowels of the planet, including its “inner sun” and atmosphere, have been studied.
Cities are built in the bowels of the Earth.

In medical science, pharmaceuticals play a small role, replaced by new treatments based on sound, color, light, and meditation.
Despite these significant advances, people remain largely materially oriented and spiritually sluggish….


Beginning in 3382, the spiritual renaissance begins to rapidly turn the world into a “hyper-vision” in which most people achieve direct knowledge through connection with the subtle spiritual light component.
People on Earth can now create with intention, as is done in the more subtle spiritual worlds.
We are entering a new Golden Age of world civilization. Many of the leaders in world government are universal creators, not just scientists and engineers. The new leaders combine the virtues of a philosopher, scientist, artist, mystic, and more.
Planetary languages ​​are developed from 3D images, internal perceptions that are projected mentally without sound, recording or the Internet.
Science has discovered and activated dormant DNA, which consists of more than two strands.
Everyone now has access to free clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, science products, and creative expression.
There is no private property.
All are vegetarians.
There are no zoos…
Flying discs are obsolete, giving way to a new form of transportation – “gates” (probably portals between the physical and spiritual worlds, in which material assets and their passengers are transferred into subtle, non-physical vibrations, transferred instantly to another place in three-dimensional space and then rematerialize)
These spiritual technologies are being introduced to Earth by other galactic civilizations. Humanity is now ready (presumably meaning that humans are finally turning their noble-savage nature into a predominantly noble one).
By today’s standards, people of the distant future seem naive, sensitive, sincere, unpretentious, without cunning ulterior motives. People can sense each other’s feelings and intentions. Secrecy is no longer part of human culture.
There is no material inequality, only an inequality of reputations and honor.
People practically do not work. Life expectancy has increased significantly. Success is not measured by material wealth, but is measured by the quality of inner spiritual work and the amount of benefit brought to society.

It’s up to you to believe the diary or not, but in any case, this is a very interesting read …


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