Cryptocurrency mining could lead to a shortage of hard drives around the world

(ORDO NEWS) — Analysts at the Wccftech portal believe that the growing popularity of the ChiaCoin cryptocurrency may lead to a shortage of hard drives around the world.

The fact is that China is a leader in the production of hard drives, and therefore, the domestic market may face problems with their shortage, and in the future the problem will affect consumers in other countries.

The ChiaCoin cryptocurrency was created by Bit Torrent (Bram Cohen). The main difference between cryptocurrency and other well-known cryptocurrencies is in the amount of storage, and not in the computing power used in mining.

That is, the higher the hard disk capacity, the higher the chances of getting a crypto coin. The developer of this cryptocurrency believes that the method of its production does not require a significant increase in the amount of energy consumed, as happens, for example, when mining bitcoin.

Chinese users have now begun to massively buy hard drives and SSDs for mining the increasingly popular ChiaCoin. The greatest demand was for drives with a capacity of 4 to 18 terabytes.

Despite the increasing demand for ChiaCoin, it is not yet possible to trade it in China. However, this does not stop cryptocurrency miners in the least, since they believe that in the future all restrictions will be lifted and they will successfully enter the market with accumulated crypto-assets in advance.


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