A creepy webcam that will take away your urge to chat on Zoom

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(ORDO NEWS) — German engineers have created an insane webcam in the shape of a human eye. Eyecam doesn’t just “follow” you, the eye can blink and look in different directions when you least expect it!

If during the pandemic you have become addicted to meetings in Zoom, such an unusual camera will quickly help you get rid of this habit.

Wrinkles, small hairs and even blood vessels in the eye itself cause goosebumps! To achieve this realism, engineers have worked not only on the appearance of the camera, but also created a complex system that controls it from the inside.

The Eyecam consists of three parts: the “skin”, the musculoskeletal system, and the eye robot. The camera itself is connected to a compact Raspberry Pi Zero single board computer, so the Eyecam is detected by the main device like a regular webcam.

Recently, webcams have gotten smaller and smaller, many of them built into a computer monitor. Sometimes we even forget about their existence, which is why the creators of Eyecam decided to make such a creepy and cumbersome device.

“We are surrounded by recording devices,” writes Mark Theissier, chief developer. “Surveillance cameras on the streets, speakers of smart speakers, webcams in our laptop are constantly watching and monitoring us. They become invisible, merge with our daily life to such an extent that we are not aware of their presence.”

Teissier also says that such a camera can help make daily Zoom meetings more comfortable, because eye contact is very important in human communication, but many would hardly agree that such a realistic eye can really make online communication more comfortable …


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