Creator of COVID-implants says that chipping cannot be stopped

(ORDO NEWS) — The residents of Europe began to actively implant chips, the cost of which is 100 euros. Everyone has the opportunity to scan this chip using a smartphone to find out whether its carrier is vaccinated or not.

The head of the Swedish start-up company Dsruptive Subdermals Hannes Sjoblad recently developed a special chip that is implanted under the skin. With its help, you can get information on vaccination against coronavirus in a few seconds. He made a statement that it would be impossible to stop the process of implantation of chips. Sjoblad also added that such modern technology should be used as actively as possible, although the public criticizes such actions.

Hannes Sjoblad is the CEO of Dsruptive Subdermals. The company has created a special microchip that has a very small size – 2 by 16 millimeters. He suggested implanting this product under the skin of people. The first applicants for chipping were residents of the European Union. During scanning, this device will allow you to display a document on the screens of smartphones with data on the vaccination passed or on the presence of a positive test result for coronavirus.

This project has caused a huge amount of criticism on social networks. Some users are against the use of a microchip, because this method is invasive and involves the penetration of a foreign object into the human body. In turn, a company representative said that it would not be possible to stop the spread of the technology and that it would soon become quite in demand.

Earlier we wrote that the first cases of infection with both Omicron and Delta were recorded. In northern Spain, experts recorded the simultaneous infection of two strains of coronavirus at once – Omicron and Delta. Because of such situations, new mutations of the virus, dangerous for humanity, may soon appear.

And also recall that the pulmonologist told how to quickly restore the lungs after COVID-19. Recovering from coronavirus, as shown by numerous statistics, takes a very long time. Some people still experience symptoms of the disease even after a year of recovery. To date, there is no special drug that would make it possible to quickly restore the lungs affected by the coronavirus, but breathing exercises can achieve a very good effect.


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