A mountain in Australia has been burning continuously for over 6 thousand years.

(ORDO NEWS) — Nature never ceases to amaze. Miracles can be found in all corners of the planet. The amazing “burning mountain” definitely refers to such phenomena in the world. It is located in Australia and has been burning for over 6,000 years.

What is known about the unusual grief?

Mount Wingen is located in South Wales (southeast). It is strewn with white ash, shrouded in a light haze and smells of sulfur. The hill received such an unusual name from the local people of Vanarua.

The name translates literally as “fire”. This is because the mountain consists of coal seams that have been burning for many years. Previously, local residents believed that this is a dormant volcano. But scientists have refuted the theory of the indigenous population.

Today, Wingen is considered the longest fire recorded on planet Earth. It is impossible to accurately determine the extent of the fire. Scientists suggest that a layer up to 10 meters in diameter is burning inside the mountain. The temperature in it is about + 1000C. The fire continues to blaze for thousands of years at a depth of 30 meters. It is recorded that every year it increases in diameter by 1 meter.

The Burning Mountain is a unique natural site. Unlike other locations of similar origin, there is no open flame here. You can visit this place by walking on it. Tourists do not notice anything, except for a light white haze and burnt-out areas of grass, and in fact a real miracle of nature is taking place at depth!

Fire continues to shape the local landscape on a daily basis. Those who visited here 20-30 years ago and today speak of a colossal difference in the flora.

Scientist Guillermo Rein believes that this fire was caused by natural causes. Most likely it was provoked by a strong lightning. It is impossible to stop the fire, but if the fire continues to deepen, then there is a high probability that it will go out on its own. When this can happen – no one knows.

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