Coronavirus is in the air: you can get infected

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Last weekend, another study was conducted, which showed that the virus is also in the air, so you can get infected even without close contact with the patient.

The Medical Center of the University of Nebraska and the National Institute for Strategic Studies of the University of Nebraska were able to detect coronavirus both indoors with patients and outside.

Experts noted that the study does not necessarily indicate the spread of the disease through the air.

In a room with patients, the virus was present on surfaces and in the air, which indicates its wide distribution. Also, SARS-CoV-2 was able to get outside the wards.

Experts called not only not to contact with patients, but also to thoroughly wipe all surfaces, since coronavirus can remain on them.

In advanced hospitals with people with COVID-19, the airflow in the wards goes in the opposite direction. Thus, the virus is not able to go outside the premises.

The main route of infection remains contact with the patient. Recently, another option was discovered – fecal-oral. The virus was found in stool samples.


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