NASA revealed the secret there are water on Mars in two different tanks

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to the latest information, on the Red Planet there is water in several tanks, only it differs significantly from that which is suitable for drinking.

The discovery was made by NASA experts from the University of Arizona. Uncover the truth about the Red Planet helped meteorite “Black Beauty”, whose weight was only 320 grams.

A meteorite that arrived from outer space brought a lot of interesting information, in particular about water. As it turned out, there was never an ocean of magma on Mars, which is very strange.

Plus, when the celestial body was born, it already had several sources of water on it, since the composition of the liquid at different points was completely different.

The study of hydrogen isotopes made it possible to find out that there was almost no “light hydrogen” on the planet, while the “heavy” one was preserved.

The first was blown away by the solar wind, or perhaps a planet collided with a large body. If scientists solve all the puzzles, they can find out the real history of the Red Planet.


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