Coronavirus cases in the world exceeded 1.2 million

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As of 08:00 UTC on Sunday, there were 1,200,480 people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, 64,771 people died, more than 240,000 recovered, the South China Morning Post reported.

In the first place in the number of confirmed cases of infection – the United States. The South China Morning Post there counted 308,850 infected and 8,496 deaths, Johns Hopkins University – 1,203,099 patients and 8,499 dead.

In Canada, 12 978 cases of infection and 234 deaths were confirmed, Brazil – 10 360 infected and 445 deaths.

In Europe, Spain came first in the number of cases, with 126,168 infected. At the same time, there are 11,947 deaths in the country, while in Italy, 15,362 people became victims of the virus, with 124,362 patients.

In Germany, 96 092 cases of the disease were recorded (1 444 died), France – 90 848 (7 574, Great Britain – 42 479 (4 320), Turkey – 23 934 (501), Switzerland – 20 505 (666), Belgium – 18431 ( 1 283), the Netherlands – 16 727 (1 656), Austria – 11 781 (186), Portugal – 10 524 (266).

In mainland China, over the past day, 30 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered, 25 in people arriving from abroad, the Goskomzdrav of the PRC reported on its official website.

Three people died of coronavirus previously in the country per day, all in Hubei, which is considered the epicenter of the spread of infection.

Since December, 3,329 people have died from coronavirus in the country, 81,669 cases of the disease have been registered, of which 913 have been imported from abroad.

In Iran, there are 55,743 patients and 3,452 who died; in South Korea, 10,237 are infected and 183 are fatal.

According to the publication, less than 10 thousand cases of infection are registered in almost 190 countries and regions of the world.

The South China Morning Post and the Johns Hopkins University of America online count the number of patients who have died and are cured, based on official data from the respective countries.


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