Colorectal cancer: main symptoms and treatments

(ORDO NEWS) — Cancer is the third most common mortality in the world. However, not all forms of cancer progress quickly, and often there is enough time to take the necessary measures. Colon oncology has been developing for decades, it does not give metastases to the very last stages, which means the chance of a complete cure is quite high. Especially if professional surgical treatment of colorectal cancer is carried out . It ensures high patient survival.

The main symptoms of the disease

It is critically important not to overlook the first symptoms, to immediately conduct the necessary diagnostic tests. In the early stages, colorectal cancer can be cured, this type is on the list of leaders in positive prognosis and remission. Modern techniques allow surgical treatment of colon cancer to be performed quickly and efficiently.

The presence of oncology of the large intestine is evidenced by:

– Constant feeling of abdominal discomfort and bloating. This symptom can indicate a dozen different problems and diseases, but it is characteristic of colon cancer in stages 1 and 2.
– Persistent and unreasonable stool disorders. Another early manifestation that you need to pay attention to and contact the clinic for research.
– Traces of blood in the stool. Much depends on the section of the large intestine, the longer the blood spends in the feces, the less noticeable it is. However, if you observe pronounced black stools or blood streaks, you should immediately consult a doctor. Colon reconstructive surgery may be needed .
– Changes in weight, malaise, anemia. This is common in late colon cancer.

Diagnostic methods

Colonoscopy is the most informative research option. Don’t be afraid of her. Modern probes are functional and thin. The procedure can be performed under mild general anesthesia. This will avoid any discomfort and inconvenience.

Other methods are not definitive and are used only for basic screening or additional data collection. For example, an occult blood test often gives both false negative and positive results. The tumor, especially in the early stages, can produce small amounts of mucus and blood.

Colon cancer treatments

The best result is shown by a conservative method – an operation with the removal of the affected area. This type of cancer has been growing in a limited area for a long time, so it is critical to find the problem and remove it. In the early stages, sparing operations are performed, which the patient tolerates no more difficult than removing the appendix.

Chemotherapy is indicated for the transition to stage T4. It gives good results, significantly improves the annual and three-year forecasts. However, here the main problem is metastases, mainly to the liver. They need to be removed surgically or by radiation therapy.


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