Chinawarns of armed confrontation with US

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — After an outbreak of coronavirus, which spread worldwide from China, Beijing faced a growing wave of hostility. Such sentiments could lead to armed confrontation with the United States, according to a report by a research center under the Chinese Ministry of State Security for the country’s top leadership, which Reuters learned about.

In early April, the Ministry of State Security of China presented a report on the international situation to the country’s top leaders, including President Xi Jinping of China. One of the main conclusions of the report is that anti-Chinese sentiment in the world has reached the highest level since the violent dispersal of a student demonstration on Tiananmen Square in 1989, Reuters reported citing sources familiar with the contents of the report. The reason is the spread of coronavirus from China around the world.

The United States has a leading role in anti-Chinese rhetoric, and Beijing should be prepared for the worst-case scenario of an armed confrontation between the two powers, Reuters sources familiar with the report say. The report also concludes that Washington sees China’s growth as a threat to the economy and national security, as well as a challenge to Western democracies.

The United States allegedly seeks to undermine the role of the Chinese Communist Party in society. Coronavirus may lead to resistance to Chinese infrastructure investment under the One Belt, One Way project. Washington can provide military and financial assistance to its allies in Asia, which will make the situation there more unstable.

One Reuters source familiar with the contents of the report says that the Chinese intelligence community estimates this document as an analogue of the “Novikov telegram” – the telegram sent by the Soviet ambassador Nikolai Novikov to Moscow in 1946, in which he emphasized the danger of military and economic ambitions for the USSR USA after World War II. Novikov’s telegram, along with a similar “long telegram” by George Kennan, laid the foundations for the strategies of the USSR and the USA in the Cold War.

The report was prepared by the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), a research structure under the PRC Ministry of State Security. “We have no relevant information,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry press service said in response to a Reuters request. The contacts of the Ministry of State Security of the PRC are not in the public domain, it was not possible to contact the department . CICIR did not respond to the request.

Relations between China and the United States are at their worst point in the past few decades, Reuters notes. Among the factors of tension are trade disputes, suspicions of industrial espionage, and protests in Hong Kong. Coronavirus has recently begun to add additional tension to the relationship. The disease was first registered in China, but the leader in the number of cases and deaths today are the United States (more than 1.17 million cases and over 68,000 deaths).

Late last week, US Department of State head Michael Pompeo said Washington has evidence that the virus appeared in a laboratory setting in Wuhan. President Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News said the United States will present a “convincing” report on the origin of the virus. In addition, the American leader believes


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