China’s population has fallen by 850,000 for the first time in 60 years

(ORDO NEWS) — China‘s population has declined sharply for the first time in 60 years. This information was reported by the State Bureau of Statistics of China.

According to him, the population of the country fell immediately by 850 thousand people. By the end of 2022, it amounted to 1 billion 411 million 750 thousand people.

“The population of China by the end of 2022 amounted to 1 billion 411 million 750 thousand people (excluding residents of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, as well as foreigners), which is 850 thousand less compared to the end of 2021,” the report says.

The agency also clarified that 9.56 million Chinese were born last year, and 10.41 million people died. Thus, the birth rate was 6.77, and the death rate was 7.37.

In addition, it turned out that in China the male population predominates – there are about 105 representatives of the stronger sex for every 100 women.

In conclusion, the bureau indicated that 920.71 million citizens currently live in the cities of China. The remaining 491.04 million are rural residents.


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