China hosts over 70% of all 5G stations worldwide

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of China, there are already more than 1.5 million base stations with 5G support in the country – more than 70% of the total number of corresponding stations operating around the world.

In addition, the country is considered the most technologically strong player in the market in terms of implementing 5G infrastructure.

Since the start of commercial use of 5G, the number of technology users in China has grown significantly and continues to grow rapidly. 5G is now supported by most smartphones entering the market, including low-cost entry-level models.

According to a ministry official, more than 97% of counties and surrounding areas now support 5G connectivity in cities corresponding to the level of prefectural centers. Moreover, the possibility of using 5G is already available in 40% of the country’s cities, and the total number of users exceeds 450 million people – more than 80% of the global number of technology users. The scope of application of 5G technologies is also expanding – from ordinary household use in smartphones to use in smart homes, education, transport infrastructure, and medicine.

According to Chinese figures, the country is aiming to have 26 active base stations for every 10,000 people. In the near future, it is planned to provide full coverage in cities and towns, as well as “basic” coverage in the so-called. “Administrative villages”.

According to the consulting agency Strategy Analytics, 80% of smartphones sold in China support 5G – sales are much more active than in any other region of the world. The agency believes that in the PRC, technology is being promoted at the state level, and telecom operators and vendors regularly conduct campaigns aimed at increasing the availability of technology for consumers.

Oppo and Vivo have become the leaders in the 5G smartphone market in China, a significant share belongs to Xiaomi and Apple, but small Chinese brands are experiencing certain difficulties, since they do not have enough available 5G chips, and the shortage has additionally led to an increase in the prices of components. Many of these companies are using Spreadtrum chips for entry-level models under $ 150.

The 5G adoption rate in the United States is expected to increase significantly by 2023, with the technology’s adoption rate exceeding 40%.


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