California to isolate people: the second wave of the pandemic is coming

(ORDO NEWS) — A couple of years ago, data appeared on the Web about plastic cameras that FEMA was delivering throughout the country. Conspiracy theorists put forward versions of the terrible events of the future. The coronavirus pandemic has put everything in its place.

Recently, a video was published on which you can observe the very cells. At first, it may seem that the cameras are being brought for animals, so that they can then be distributed among zoos and veterinary clinics. This theory can be believed, if not one “but”: in the video, attentive people were confused by the presence of toilets in the cages. This clearly indicates that they will definitely not be animals.

The conspiracy community was able to find out that the cells are indeed personal cameras that are used in the event of a sharp increase in people in penitentiary institutions. It would seem that everything has been clarified: the cells will be used for prisoners who do not have enough places. However, this summer it became known that California is releasing 18 thousand of 115 thousand prisoners in connection with the pandemic.

There is an idea that cameras are a great option for people to keep their distance at some kind of public events. Each cell has everything you need for a temporary stay.

Now concert organizers have to worry about structures that would accommodate several people, separated from the rest of the citizens. Social distancing, wearing masks and washing your hands regularly are key to staying healthy. If a new quarantine is introduced, then it is definitely not as tough as it was before: the WHO said that the self-isolation of citizens harms the economy more than gives a medical benefit.


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