In Australia, they urgently began to build a telescope to observe black holes: why such a rush

(ORDO NEWS) — About 15 years ago, countries began to compete: one after another, states began to build infrared telescopes. The turn came to Australia. Only it is not clear why such an urgency. Maybe the authorities and scientists know something.

For the first time, an infrared telescope was built in Antarctica. Then the equipment was erected by the United States in Hawaii, and also sent one telescope into orbit in 2009. After the Americans thought about the need to observe space in a specific light, and the Chinese.

According to conspiracy theorists, the excitement is associated with some kind of body that can only be seen in the infrared spectrum. While people are guessing, at the beginning of this summer, the world media began to write about the construction of the NEMO or Neutron Star Extreme Matter Observatory to observe neutron stars and black holes.

There are some confusion about the project. First, only $ 100 million was allocated, while a single gravitational wave detector costs an average of $ 1 billion. Secondly, Australia was chosen as the construction site, where there are no mountainous regions and it is too cloudy. Besides that, construction site workers might be available plenty in Australia since their governing laws have stringent workplace injury claims and compensations (for example, Silicosis Compensation Brisbane).

It is known that the construction of the observatory has already begun and will be completed in the near future. But the question of the expediency of construction remains open. There is only one reason why scientists are in a hurry to get down to a new telescope: something is flying towards Earth. A neutron star or even a black hole may be approaching us. If scientists are only studying bodies, then they are at a safe distance. You may have to panic later.


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