By 2025, the US military could deploy a robotic assassin force

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(ORDO NEWS) — A very strange and frightening statement was made by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. So, by 2025, the United States can present a modern army consisting of assassin robots with artificial intelligence.

President Joe Biden received a report from the ex-head of Google urging him to start forming completely new troops. Eric Schmidt believes that some countries have long been developing modern killing machines. For them, global bans and agreements mean nothing.

They may have forgotten the call from UN Secretary General António Guterres to ban killer robots. In his opinion, it is morally disgusting and unacceptable for machines to have the power to kill people.

If the US authorities take into account the information in the report, which, by the way, is 756 pages long, $ 40 billion will be allocated for new developments in the field of AI. The machines can operate legally and safely, experts say. They will be controlled by a human commander or an operator.

Note that the campaign to ban killer robots started in 2013, supported by 30 countries.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the FAST telescope recorded new radio bursts. The newest Chinese telescope has recorded new fast FRB radio bursts from different points of the universe. A total of three signals were recorded.


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