By the end of the century, summer in the Northern Hemisphere will last six months

(ORDO NEWS) — If global climate change continues at the current pace, then by 2100 summer in the Northern Hemisphere will last at least six months. You will have to forget about such a season as winter.

Already today we see such a picture that the summer is getting longer and hotter, and the winter is shorter and warmer. If a decade ago, the snow that fell could lie for several months, today the maximum is a week.

Back in the twentieth century, seasons began to replace each other according to the predicted pattern. Their start dates have shifted, and their duration has changed. Summer is 17 days longer, winter is three days less. Spring and autumn also became shorter by 9 and 5 days, respectively, if we analyze the data from 1952 to 2011.

By the beginning of the 22nd century, the situation may develop in such a way that the duration of winter will be only a couple of months. The changes will certainly affect the health of people and animals. Bird migration will change its nature, plants will bloom more, and there will be inconsistencies in food chains.

Farmers will certainly suffer: late blizzards and prolonged droughts will adversely affect crops.


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