British were sewn on by someone else’s hands

(ORDO NEWS) — In the UK, a man suffering from scleroderma had both hands transplanted at the same time. It is reported by Metro.

The patient, 48-year-old Stephen Gallagher, said that 13 years ago he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in which normal tissue is replaced by dense tissue due to the cells producing too much collagen.

The disease affected the nose, mouth and hands, and about seven years ago, the Briton’s fingers began to twist into a fist, which caused him severe pain and discomfort.

Progressive scleroderma deprived Gallagher of independence: he could only lift objects and dress with difficulty.

The man had to quit his job and stay at home. One day, the doctor suggested that the Briton undergo an operation, during which someone else’s brushes taken from a donor would be sewn on.

He agreed and began training, which consisted of psychological tests and analyses. When all stages were completed and the donor was found, Gallagher was successfully operated on.

The man is still undergoing rehabilitation, but his condition is gradually improving. He rarely needs the help of others in household chores, and in the future he hopes to return to work.

Earlier it was reported that in North Carolina, USA, a man donated a kidney to a stranger from the Internet and became his close friend.

Single father Steve Sanders, 46, said he suffered from a rare kidney disease that caused them to gradually fail and required either lifelong dialysis or a transplant.


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