British scientists have developed an artificial skin that can “feel” objects

(ORDO NEWS) —  Engineers from the UK have created a hand with a fingertip, which, when touched, allows you to “feel” objects. This was made possible thanks to 3D printing.

Researchers have designed a hand and an artificial fingertip for it. Thanks to this fingertip, you can “feel” objects when you touch them.

This is similar to how a person feels objects when he touches them. That is, the created device is capable of reproducing nerve signals resembling the signals of “tactile neurons” in humans.

The fingertip was 3D printed. The sense of touch (feeling of touch) was recreated by experts thanks to a network of small papillae. They are similar to the dermal papillae found in human skin.

British scientists have developed an artificial skin that can feel objects 2

As a result of experiments, specialists have found that the tip of the finger can produce nerve signals that are similar to recordings of human signals.

Artificial leather is able to “feel” the ribbed surface, as it turned out during the tests. True, in some small details, the tip was no longer so sensitive. Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that printed (artificial) skin is thicker than real.


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