Brain and artificial intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists at Harvard University came to the conclusion that the deterioration of memory in old age is associated with a slowdown in the recall process.

Sony has developed an AI that beats humans on the Gran Turismo Sport track. The chief scientist of the American company Open AI wrote that AI “possesses consciousness.”

Sherlock Holmes said that memory is an attic that should not be filled with unnecessary rubbish. Perhaps it is. But we don’t know how to clean this attic

Memory – all the same attic?

Scientists at Harvard University, Columbia University and the University of Toronto (Canada) investigated the causes of memory deterioration in older people. Perhaps the problem is that the necessary information is difficult to access, and this reduces the performance of working and episodic memory.

The brain in old age forgets more slowly and activates new information more slowly. The authors of the work write: “We hypothesize that older people are more likely to activate redundant information. This, in turn, can create difficulties in finding targeted information.”

Excessive information – this is unnecessary trash in the attic. But scientists also note: “Older people retain and sometimes enhance creativity.” Perhaps, just the information that interferes with quick reactions and answers helps with relatively long reflections. Apparently, there is no need to rush to throw away all the rubbish.

Faster than a human

Sony AI, Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment have created Gran Turismo Sophy, the artificial intelligence for the game simulation Gran Turismo Sport. AIcan race with real players at the highest level. According to the developers, AI perfectly feels the dynamics of the car and the features of the track.

Sony AI CEO Hiroaki Kitano says, “Gran Turismo Sophy is an important achievement in the field of artificial intelligence that aims not only to be better than human players, but also to offer sim racers a rival that can incentivize players to reach the next level.”

The main feature of Gran Turismo Sophy is the high speed of reaction to a changing situation. Until now, many deeply trained neural networks are well oriented at low speeds, but do not work satisfactorily when decisions need to be made in a split second. Gran Turismo Sophy is beating its human rivals so far. But they also learn quickly.

AI has regained consciousness

Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist at the American company OpenAI, wrote on Twitter: “Perhaps the large neural networks that already exist today are a little conscious.” Perhaps the scientist was referring to large neural networks, like GPT-3, which was developed by OpenAI.

GPT-3 writes, translates, answers questions perfectly. Its services are used by many companies for voice agents. Colleagues took the statement with skepticism.

University of New South Wales researcher Toby Walsh said that such messages mislead people: “Each time such comments are aired, it takes months of effort to bring the conversation back to more real opportunities and threats posed by AI.”

Citi Finance Group vice president and deep learning expert Valentino Zocca wrote on social media that the AI ​​”is NOT conscious, but obviously the hype is more important than anything else.”

If Sutzkever had not been one of the developers of GPT-3, his words probably would not have interested anyone. Of course, he may be wrong. But the problem is that he knows the subject he is talking about very well – he created it.


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