Black mold in India has already affected more than 9 thousand people

(ORDO NEWS) — It’s not just the coronavirus pandemic that is raging in India. An epidemic of mucomycosis among the population begins.

Black mold 2

Black mold is found in the lungs of people who have had a severe form of the Covid-19 virus.

The disease is spreading very quickly, there are already more than 9 thousand registered cases, and this is the data for a month.

Sadanada Govda, Minister of Chemical Industry, said on Twitter that more than 23 thousand bottles of the drug Amfortericin-B have already been allocated. This is a very expensive antifungal agent. You can cure mucomycosis using only this medication.

The state of Gujarat has the largest number of cases, Sadanada said. Already today, 2,281 patients are being treated in hospitals with a confirmed diagnosis.

The medication itself is very expensive, the treatment is long, and the budget does not include funds for medication.

If no concrete measures are taken, India may face another pandemic. Fungal infection spreads in unsanitary conditions. The infection affects people who are immunocompromised.

First of all, people are at risk after coronavirus. Meanwhile, India is hitting the anti-record for the number of cases of Covid-19 every day.


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