Invasion of cicadas: in the US, billions of winged insects crawled out of the ground

(ORDO NEWS) — Cicadas are known for their “singing”, the sound volume reaches 100 dB, and they can be heard at a distance of 900 m. The singing of cicadas resembles a piercing crackle. Hearing such a buzz for several weeks is a real torture.

Invasion of cicadas 2

Now residents of Maryland and Georgia “enjoy” the singing of billions of cicadas. These insects have begun the mating season. Therefore, individuals crawled out of the ground. It is reported by NBC News.

Residents are already worried about such an invasion. They cannot sleep well, work, or walk on the street. A large number of insects are expected in the near future. There are a lot of photos and videos with them on social networks. Americans apparently want to share their “happiness” with the whole world.

This type of insect belongs to the family of song cicadas. They live underground for most of their life cycle. The life span of cicadas is 17 years. Previously, there was an invasion of such proportions back in 2004. All Americans have already forgotten about this phenomenon. But 2021 has found something to please the residents of the United States.

Escaping to the surface, the cicada larvae molt and spread their wings. A few days later, when the new skeleton hardens, they start looking for a mate. These insects do not pose any threat to humans, although they are very uncomfortable.


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