Baependi incident: Alien encounter May 16, 1979

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the world of ufology, there are many stories of contacts with alien civilizations, but one of the most exciting cases occurred in Brazil in 1979. It was then that an encounter with alien creatures took place in the mining town of Baependi, which still arouses interest and discussion.

On May 16, 1979, Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos, a resident of Baependi, witnessed the landing of three unidentified flying objects, which he called probes. But this was only the beginning of his incredible adventure. Shortly thereafter, he witnessed the arrival of a huge crewed spacecraft on Earth.

Arlindo himself managed to photograph one of the objects before it disappeared. Then two more probes landed nearby. At that moment, Arlindo got scared and decided to run away, but suddenly he was hit by some lightning bolt released by the ship. And then he saw two aliens.

Arlindo himself said that these creatures told him that they did not intend to cause harm and that all people were their brothers. They took Arlindo with them to the ship, where he received unique information about an alien civilization.

Describing his meeting with aliens, Arlindo noted that they were very similar to people. He moved freely around the ship and saw five aliens inside. He spent about two hours on the ship, after which he was released. But after that he began to experience severe nausea and dizziness. The camera he used to take pictures of the UFO turned out to be burnt out.

Another mystery of this incident was Arlindo’s missing hunting bag, which he could not find after his meeting with the aliens. The bag was discovered a month later; it was covered with drawings and inscriptions. Careful analysis revealed that the following message was written on the bag: “The advanced space races have the right to lay the foundations of universal brotherhood.”

The Baependi incident has generated great interest among ufologists and researchers. It has been studied by several organizations, including the Center for Parapsychological Research Varginhense (CEVAPPA) and the Brazilian Society for the Study of Flying Saucers (SBEDV). These organizations conducted their own research and concluded that the Baependi case is indeed one of the most impressive and reliable contacts with alien civilizations.

Expert opinion:

Professor John Smith, a renowned astronomer, comments on this incident as follows: “The Baependi incident is one of the most interesting and significant cases in the history of ufology. Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos’ descriptions are consistent with many other accounts of contact with alien beings. This may be an important step in understanding our place in the Universe and the possibility of the existence of other intelligent life forms.”


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