Exit to the Astral Plane – a true story

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(ORDO NEWS) — Probably many are familiar with the concept of “Exit to the astral plane,” which is the definition of the fact that our Self leaves the physical body and moves in space.

Is it possible? Let’s start with the fact that if we take as a starting point the belief that thought is material, then dreams that turn into reality are also possible.

The existence of the soul is confirmed by many scientists who, although they do not recognize its existence in the form in which it is implied in the concept of “soul,” nevertheless, they confirm the fact of the existence of a certain energy component present in the human body.

What determines the essence of every person is a thought, which means a thought can be sent somewhere and, with certain practice, move your energetic self with it. There are many testimonies and stories of people who were able to carry out astral travel, but in this article, I propose to dwell on our dreams.

A dream, at its core, is a flight of thought in subspace, which means a flight of the soul into parallel and main realities. Fantastic?

I will tell you an incident that happened to me that influenced my views regarding traveling outside the body during sleep. Many have experienced visions of flying in their dreams, soaring like a bird in the sky, and in one of these dreams, something amazing happened to me.

Having fallen asleep, I saw myself on a beautiful green lawn and the only thought spinning in my head was – if I believe that I can fly, I will fly. And I rose about two meters above the ground, immediately got scared and fell, painfully hitting my knee on the ground.

I tried again and flew very high. The picture that opened up to me was breathtaking – fields and power lines lay below, a bird flew past, shying away from me when I screamed with happiness. With my arms outstretched, I rushed after her, cutting through the clouds, blown by a fresh wind.

After some time, I saw a railway line below and flew along it. Soon my attention was drawn to a wooden pole running through a plowed field. I was attracted by the fact that the pillar in its upper part was cut by a black stripe from a lightning strike, which drew an original pattern to the middle of the pillar and in one place, similar to the letter “A”.

I don’t know why, but I looked at this pillar for a long time, memorized all its details, and then rose higher to understand where I was.

Having remembered the location of the pillar on the ground, I flew on, but suddenly began to wake up. Fear began to grip me deeper and deeper and finally I realized that I could not fly, it was simply impossible. After which he successfully crashed to the ground from a bird’s eye view and woke up.

About a month passed after this memorable dream. One day, while heading to a neighboring area on work matters, my path ran along a country road running along the railway. The area at one of the sites seemed very familiar to me, although I had never been here before.

Here is a thorn bush, three gopher holes in the middle of the road, forming a triangle, here the road goes to the right, and on the left in the field, there should be the same pillar that I saw in the dream. And he really ended up there. With a traced pattern from a lightning strike in the form of the letter “A”…


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