Artifacts found on Everest that may indicate the reality of the Great Flood

(ORDO NEWS) — The Great Flood, according to the Old Testament, lasted 40 days and nights. Many skeptics and scientists have questioned the reality of such a terrible event.

However, marine fossils found on Mount Everest may prove that the flood was not fiction. While Bible proponents and Bible opponents argue among themselves, NASA has told the shocking truth.

It is reported by Whatch Jerusalem.

NASA has confirmed that marine fossils and limestone have been found on the summit of Mount Everest. This may indicate that Everest was once completely flooded with water. Otherwise, as on the highest mountain in the world (summit 8 849 m), fossilized skeletons of fish could be found.

However, there is another explanation for the found limestone rocks. Once upon a time on the site of the mountain there was the bottom of a large sea or ocean.

As a result of a strong collision of two tectonic plates, a mountain range was formed and the bottom became part of the summit. This happened about 150 million years ago, scientists say.

Some historical artifacts simply do not find an explanation, like fish skeletons on the mountain, Noah’s Ark on Ararat. Such disputes will never subside.


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