Archaeologists solved the mystery of the “screaming mummy” from Luxor

(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient Egyptian archaeologist and historian Zahi Hawass and professor of radiology Sahar Salim from Cairo University were able to unravel the causes of death of the mummy “Man E”, better known as the “screaming mummy”. LAD Bible informs about it.

Scientists have found that the mummy with a mysterious screaming expression was an Egyptian princess who died suddenly of a heart attack 3,000 years ago. The find, which the researchers dubbed the “screaming woman” or “screaming mummy”, was discovered in Luxor, Egypt as early as 1881, but since then the mummy’s facial expression and posture have remained a mystery.

The text on linen, in which the mummy was wrapped, is written in the ancient sacred Egyptian language and reads: “royal daughter, royal sister Meret Amon.” Scientists could not learn anything more until they made a CT scan of the mummy.

Now the cause of the princess’s death has become known – a heart attack. Cairo University professors discovered what caused his severe atherosclerosis (degenerative disease) of the coronary arteries. Obviously, the suddenness of the moment of the attack was imprinted on the face in the form of a “screaming woman” grimace.

screaming mummy 2

Egyptian scientists suggested that the princess’s body was discovered several hours later, so it was no longer possible to give the deceased a serene appearance.

The results of computed tomography showed that the princess died in her sixties, and also showed that she suffered from atherosclerosis of the right and left coronary arteries, arteries of the neck, abdominal aorta and iliac arteries, as well as arteries of the lower extremities.


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