Archaeologists say monkeys created ancient ‘human’ tools in America

(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient tools discovered at the Pedra Furada archaeological site in Brazil were used by apes, not humans, archaeologists and paleontologists from Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council say.

It is believed that people appeared on the territory of modern America about 13-14 thousand years ago. Evidence of their earlier appearance was considered tools aged 20-50 thousand years, found in the cave of Pedra Furada and others.

However, the researchers found that these tools are no different from those used today by capuchins to crack nuts. Monkeys take a large flat stone, put a nut on it and hit it from above with another stone like a hammer.

Thus, it is more likely that the ancient tools found were used by monkeys, and not by the first people on the continent, scientists say.

Another possible evidence of the early presence of people on the continent is charcoal deposits 32-48 thousand years old. However, they could appear not as a result of human activity, but after forest fires.

The presence of people is clearly indicated by rock paintings, but they are much younger – 5-11 thousand years, which fits into the generally accepted version.


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