Gas stove use linked to rise in childhood asthma

(ORDO NEWS) — The use of gas stoves is associated with 12.7% of all cases of asthma in children in the United States, according to the Rocky Mountain Institute, a sustainability organization.

The researchers compared the 2019 census data with the results of a meta-analysis of 41 earlier studies looking at the risks of asthma in children in homes with gas stoves, which are now found in about a third of American homes. A similar study with similar results was previously conducted in Australia.

The American Gas Association questioned the validity of the results and called the study “a math exercise based on propaganda.”

However, the issue of the dangers of using gas stoves was repeatedly raised in earlier studies: experts drew attention to the fact that combustion products, including nitrogen oxides, can accumulate in poorly ventilated rooms and damage the respiratory tract and blood vessels.


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