Archaeologists have found dozens of headless skeletons in the UK

(ORDO NEWS) — A Roman cemetery with several dozen headless skeletons was found by archaeologists in the English county of Suffolk. On February 4, reports the BBC.

The burial of the times of Ancient Rome was found by chance, during the construction of a house in the city of Great Whelnetham.

The cemetery dates back to the 4th century AD. In total, 52 graves were discovered, in which archaeologists found the remains of men, women and children.

Researchers were surprised by the fact that out of 52 two graves, normal burials were found only in 17, in the rest the skulls were either placed next to the body or buried separately.

Usually such burials, if found in cemeteries, are the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, the Suffolk burial is a unique case in archeology.

Archaeologists are not yet able to confidently explain the mysterious find. Several versions have been put forward, including that pagans, or people of a different culture who came from afar, could be buried in the cemetery. They brought with them beliefs and traditions that were not characteristic of the local people.

Currently, archaeologists are carefully examining the found skeletons. According to preliminary data, middle-aged people, men, women and children are buried in the cemetery.

Among the buried there is a very small child and two more children about 9-10 years old. All the decapitated ate well during their lifetime and were engaged in agriculture.


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